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Worker’s Compensation: Choose Your Own Physiotherapist

Many patients attend our clinic for rehabilitation following an injury at work. At Airport Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent hands-on therapy, as well as access to gym based rehabilitation, cardiovascular equipment and indoor pools to allow full and complete rehabilitation of your injury.

Most injured workers are not aware that they can choose which Physiotherapist they attend for their rehabilitation. They are also able to transfer to another Physiotherapy clinic if they are not happy with their progress or the facilities available at their current clinic.

If you or any of your friends are injured at work and want to undergo your rehabilitation at Airport Physiotherapy, just inform your doctor and insurer, then call us for an appointment. Remember it is your choice as to who provides your rehabilitation services.

For an overview of your rights and responsibilities following a work place injury, please visit the Work Cover WA Website or click the link below

Posted on by Steve Summers