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What is Pilates?

The Pilates method of exercise is a form of whole body conditioning which strengthens from the inside out. This means we aim to recruit and strengthen the deep postural muscles which stabilize and support the body so we can use the larger muscles more efficiently. There is an emphasis on quality and control of movement and avoidance of muscle imbalances which often lead to injury and pain. Therefore Pilates is a superior form of rehabilitation for clients following back and neck injuries, post natal mothers, individuals with shoulder, knee or ankle injuries and post-surgery. The benefits of our Pilates sessions include:

  • Individual instruction to ensure safety and quality of movement
  • Whole body conditioning whilst accommodating and rehabilitating injuries
  • Improved body awareness, posture and coordination
  • Lowered stress levels, boosted immune system and mood
  • Improved muscle tone of abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs
  • Improved performance in sporting and recreational pursuits, as well as injury prevention
  • Improved functional strength and flexibility to help with daily activities

How can I get started?

Beginning Pilates at Airport Physiotherapy is easy! Prior to starting our Pilates studio sessions you are required to book in for a one-to-one Pilates assessment. During your Pilates assessment your qualified Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates instructor will perform range of assessments including real-time ultrasound imaging to assess the function of your deep postural stability muscles. You will also be introduced to the Pilates methods and learn some of the basic exercises.  The assessment allows us to create a tailored Pilates program for you depending on your specific needs.

Upon completion of your Pilates assessment you may book in for any of our Pilates studio sessions that are supervised by an experienced Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates instructor. The studio session have a maximum of 3-4 clients and are therefore closely supervised. Pilates studio sessions will include the use of a variety of equipment including Pilates mats, fit-balls, trapeze tables, reformers, wunda chairs and foam rollers to name a few.


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Cancellation Policy.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or re-arrange a scheduled class. If less than 24 hours is not given you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25. If you do not attend a session without providing notice you will be charged the full fee of $44.00